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How Bedtime Stories Can Help Your Sleeping Routine

March 26, 2021

Instilling in your kids a love for reading can be a very valuable gift. One of the best ways to do this is by reading bedtime stories together, which can benefit you as well. This blog post will take a look at some of the ways bedtime stories can help with you and your child’s sleeping routine. So read on to learn about some of the great benefits of sharing bedtime stories with your young ones. 


Establishing A Fun, Relaxing Formula

After a long day of playing, running around and using energy, your children (and you) need a chance to unwind.

  • Simply putting your kids to bed and expecting them to fall asleep right away can be quite challenging.
  • Establishing a bedtime routine where you read a story together can help with calming down, relaxing, and reducing stress levels, which will lead to a better night’s sleep for everyone.
  • Plus, it gets a reading habit started. Reading bedtime stories every night can create a love for books and a love for reading that will benefit them later in life.


Increasing Your Bond With Your Kids

When you spend time with your children reading, it helps create a special bond.

  • While reading to your children, you create interactions and engage in conversations that you may not have otherwise.
  • Reading together can trigger all sorts of wonderful questions and stimulate conversation, all of which can help children understand their place in the world while helping your bond with one another grow.
  • Whatever your children’s ages, sharing a bedtime story gives them a time when they have you all to themselves – something that may not happen at any other point of the day.


Expanding Your Child’s Knowledge and Imagination

Even if you’re the one doing the reading, your children are still learning. 

  • A bedtime story is also a good opportunity for shared reading, for example: taking turns to read a page – or a paragraph, depending on your children’s reading level. This will give your little readers a daily opportunity to practice reading while also benefiting from being read to.
  • Reading stories can enhance your children’s vocabulary and improve their language skills. Children remember stories, so they will also remember the words that have been read to them.
  • Books can help kids deal with big feelings, and sharing a bedtime story can be a way into discussing difficult situations. Also, knowing your children are learning can certainly help you sleep easy as well!


Rest Easy!

Obviously, there are many great benefits to reading bedtime stories with your kids. Between the bonding time and expanding your children’s vocabularies and imaginations, the help it provides to your sleep routine is really the cherry on top. 

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