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Reading Resolutions for 2021

January 15, 2021

Welcome to 2021, booklovers! We’re all looking for a new start, and what better way to begin the new year than with some self-care, creativity, and books, of course! In this blog post, we’ll share some relaxing (and bookish!) mindfulness exercises as well as great ways to create reading resolutions for the new year!


Shelf, we mean, Self-Care!

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We made it through 2020, and it’s time to sit back and reflect on how we can take some time for ourselves this new year.


Our first recommendation is about changing up your routine. Look at the start of the day as a new chapter; spend some time creating your relaxing haven. Does it involve going on a brisk walk followed by a morning meditation session, catching up on your favourite TV show, or maybe it’s snuggling beneath a heavy blanket with some hot chocolate for a couple of hours of reading?


We also recommend replacing your traditional to-do list with a creative new adventure: journaling! Journaling is a great way to remain organized while also indulging your wild imagination. In your new journal, you can lay out your reading goals, new year’s resolutions and exciting challenges for 2021, and give them an artistic flair. Take out those pastel colours and enjoy a stress-free morning or evening journaling!


If you’re focused on new bookish reading resolutions specifically, here’s what we recommend; if you find you’re not reading as much as you wish, challenge yourself to discover a new genre! For example, if you’re used to reading general fiction, we recommend picking up a detective novel. Here’s a list of thrilling mystery books to get out of your comfort zone while helping you uncover your inner sleuth!


Get Inspired!

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It’s January, and we know it can be a gloomy time after the rush of the holidays. We have a few suggestions for you to incite some reading goals and solutions. 


If you’re not feeling inspired, we challenge you to take your favourite characters from two different books and recreate a story from your own imagination. Can you picture the characters in an entirely different setting or genre? Try brainstorming a new adventure with some coloured pencils, paints or even a calligraphy set! Here’s a list of various art books and tools to help awaken your creativity! 


Now, pick your journal back up and dedicate a whole chapter to your TBR ideas, plans and dreams! Use this space to scrapbook your most treasured literary quotes, imagine and describe your ideal story settings, recreate your favourite book’s cover art, and more! Spending time expressing your love for books creatively is sure to inspire you to read and write! 


Connect Through Books

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We’ve found a great way to come up with a new reading resolution, and it only takes two simple steps! 


Step one is to gather the unread books from your bookshelves and separate them by genre. Step two is to randomly pick one book from each pile to create a new TBR list for the month! Don’t worry so much about the timeline (we know there may be a LOT of books!), but focus instead on the challenge of reading something new from each genre you have on your shelf!


Here’s another fun idea! With a friend or family member, agree to choose each other’s next read. Together you can write down what you expect the books will be about, what might happen, and then share your thoughts about the endings, the plots, and character development. This “buddy system” is a great way to share your literary reviews with loved ones and get the whole family involved! Now is the perfect time to get a virtual book club started!


Alternatively, you can start an on-going book exchange where you send one book out to receive one yourself; from there, you can discover what others enjoy reading, as well as stumble on what might be an unexpected favourite read in the new year! 


Phew, reading resolutions can be hard to pinpoint and complete, but now that we’ve given you some self-care tips, new hobbies, and fun ways to create reading resolutions, we hope you’ll have a successful start to your new year! Feel free to tell us in the comments which tips you choose to try out!


Happy New Year!

Vanessa from Book Outlet


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