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Organize Your Shelves to Pass the Time!

April 2, 2020

If you’re finding yourself with more spare time than you’re used to, you may be wondering what you can do to fill the hours. While reading is certainly our favourite way to spend the day (and likely yours too!), there is another great way to immerse yourself in literature while passing the time: organize your shelves!


We know what you’re probably thinking:  “Why do I need a blog post dedicated to organizing my bookshelves? I know how to do that!” But the truth is, there are dozens of ways to arrange your shelves and no two are alike. With that, we recommend you sit back and read about some of our favourite methods!


Method 1: By Author

Books on shelves organized by author name.


Sorting books alphabetically by author is a tried and true method of bookshelf organization. Whether you organize by an author’s first or last name, standalones and series alike will be easy to find in this bookstore-esque arrangement. If you’re looking to keep it simple, we highly recommend you go based on the author’s name. 


Method 2: By Genre

Books on shelves organized by genre.


If you want to admire your collection by keeping similar books together, you may be best suited with aligning your shelves by genre. This simple method will help you quickly identify a title within a specific category, which is especially handy if you’re a mood reader in search of a good romance or dark mystery read. If you want to keep like with like, there’s no better way to organize than by genre!


Method 3: By Size

Books on shelves organized by size.


If you’re one to appreciate everything in its place, you may delight in organizing by size. This often means separating hardcovers from paperbacks, and then shelving them smallest to largest. This approach can be quite aesthetically pleasing for photos; however, it can be an added challenge when looking for a specific book. You may want to implement more than one organizing system if you use this method, such as arranging by size and then by author. That sounds like hours of fun!


Method 4: By Colour

Books on shelves organized by color.


We saved our favourite method for last: organizing by colour. That being said, this method is not for the faint of heart. Similar to sorting your books by size, organizing by colour makes it a challenge to hunt for a specific read, and oftentimes means breaking up books within a series. The flip side to organizing by colour is the unique opportunity to take some extra stunning photos. We can’t deny how beautifully coordinated rainbow shelves look, even if organizing by colour is not practical for everyday browsing.


Now that you’ve read our four favourite ways to organize your shelves, we’d love to see how yours are set up! Do you use one of these options, a different method completely, or a combination of organizing systems? We’d love to know! Feel free to use the hashtag #bookoutlet when sharing a photo of your shelves to social media so we can admire those beautiful book collections!


Happy shelving!


Melissa from Book Outlet


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