Man and Woman Reading Book and Watching a Movie in the Living Room.

Reasons to Read Books Over Watching Movies

February 11, 2022

Let’s discuss one of the greatest debates of all time – is it better to read the book or watch the movie? While both can be equally awesome, there are many reasons to read books over watching movies.


Is it better to read books or watch movies?

Ok, so ask a book lover if it’s better to read books or watch movies and the answer is going to be pretty obvious – reading books is always better! Although we do fully support doing both in the end. One main reason why reading books is better than watching movies is that a book always provides more detail. Reading allows you to get to know the characters, settings and plotline better because the book typically goes into a lot more detail describing these aspects than a movie does. Reading lets you use your imagination to bring these details to life using the descriptors that the author provides.


Is reading good for the brain?

This question seems like a no-brainer – of course, reading is good for the brain! Just like doing cardio is good for your body, reading exercises your mind and provides many health advantages. The fact that reading is good for the brain is another reason to read books over watching movies. Among other benefits, reading expands your vocabulary, is good for your mental health, and reduces stress. We all know how important our mental health is, so anytime you are feeling stressed, pick up a book and escape to another world. Get lost in the details of the book that you’re reading and take your mind off whatever was the source of your stress.

Reading is also very educational – we can learn so much in the pages of a book. Whether it’s expanding our vocabulary or learning about new topics of interest, books are a wealth of knowledge. By spending time reading about something new every day, the learning possibilities are endless!


Does reading books improve memory?

Another benefit of reading is that it helps improve memory. Without getting into too much of the science, many studies show that exercising the brain by reading enhances memory and concentration. We suggest reading a book on this topic if you’re interested in learning more about how reading books can improve memory. Yet one more reason to read books over watching movies. 

While cozying up on the couch to watch the latest blockbuster is certainly desirable at times, nothing compares to getting lost in a book. Reading not only reduces stress, it also exercises your brain and helps improve memory. The many advantages that reading provides are all reasons to read books over watching movies!


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