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The Hideaway
Denton, Lauren K.

$20.17 $7.89

After her last remaining family member dies, Sara Jenkins goes home to The Hideaway, her grandmother Mags’s ramshackle B&B in Sweet Bay, Alabama. She intends to quickly tie up loose ends then return to her busy life and thriving antique shop in New Orleans. Instead, she learns Mags has willed The...

A Dog’s Way Home
Cameron, W. Bruce

$34.99 $9.99

From W. Bruce Cameron, the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel A Dog's Purpose, which is now a major motion picture!Lucas Ray is shocked when an adorable puppy jumps out of an abandoned building and into his arms. Though the apartment he shares with his mother, a disable...

You Can't Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have to Explain
Robinson, Phoebe

$20.18 $6.49

A hilarious and timely essay collection about race, gender, and pop culture from upcoming comedy superstar and 2 Dope Queens podcaster Phoebe Robinson Being a black woman in America means contending with old prejudices and fresh absurdities every day. Comedian Phoebe Robinson has exper...

The Thing About Jellyfish
Benjamin, Ali

$11.99 $5.69

Everyone says that it was an accident . . . that sometimes things "just happen". But Suzy won't believe it. Ever. After her best friend dies in a drowning accident, Suzy is convinced that the true cause of the tragedy was a rare jellyfish sting. Retreating into a silent world of imagination, she ...

Flying Lessons & Other Stories
Oh, Ellen

$21.53 $9.99

Whether it is basketball dreams, family fiascos, first crushes, or new neighborhoods, this bold anthology - written by the best children’s authors - celebrates the uniqueness and universality in all of us.In a partnership with We Need Diverse Books, industry giants Kwame Alexander, Soman Chainani...

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
Schumer, Amy

$36.99 $11.39

The Emmy Award-winning comedian, actress, writer, and star of Inside Amy Schumer and the acclaimed film Trainwreck has taken the entertainment world by storm with her winning blend of smart, satirical humor. Now, Amy Schumer has written a refreshingly candid and uproariously funny collection of (...

Bauer, Joan

$10.08 $4.29

Newbery Honor winner Joan Bauer hits a home run with her newest protagonist, who always sees the positive side of any situation.Jeremiah is not one to let anything keep him down. Starting with his adoption by computer genius Walt, Jeremiah has looked on his life as a series of lucky breaks. When ...

The Woman in Cabin 10
Ware, Ruth

$32.94 $10.79

In this tightly wound, enthralling story reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s works, Lo Blacklock, a journalist who writes for a travel magazine, has just been given the assignment of a lifetime: a week on a luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins. The sky is clear, the waters calm, and the venee...

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race
Shetterly, Margot Lee

$35.47 $12.19

The true story of the black female mathematicians at NASA whose calculations helped fuel some of America's greatest achievements in space.Originally math teachers in the South's segregated public schools, these exceptionally bright women answered Uncle Sam's call during the labor shortages of Wor...

Flamecaster (Shattered Realms, Bk. 1)
Chima, Cinda Williams

$23.99 $8.59

A burning vengeance.Adrian sul’Han, known as Ash, is a trained healer with a powerful gift of magic - and a thirst for revenge. The son of the queen of the Fells, Ash is forced into hiding after a series of murders throws the queendom into chaos. Now Ash is closer than he’s ever been to killing t...

Bloodline (War of the Roses, Bk. 3)
Iggulden, Conn

$20.18 $6.49

Winter 1461. Richard, Duke of York, is dead - his ambitions in ruins, his head spiked on the walls of the city.King Henry VI is still held prisoner. His Lancastrian queen, Margaret of Anjou, rides south with an army of victorious northerners, accompanied by painted warriors from the Scottish High...

When the Moon was Ours
McLemore, Anna-Marie

$26.99 $8.59

To everyone who knows them, best friends Miel and Sam are as strange as they are inseparable. Roses grow out of Miel’s wrist, and rumors say that she spilled out of a water tower when she was five. Sam is known for the moons he paints and hangs in the trees and for how little anyone knows about h...

Redemption Road
Hart, John

$38.99 $9.99

A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother. A troubled detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a brutal shooting. After thirteen years in prison, a good cop walks free as deep in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, a body cools in pale linen . . . This is a tow...

Behind Closed Doors
Paris, B. A.

$36.99 $12.19

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. He has looks and wealth; she has charm and elegance. He’s a dedicated attorney who has never lost a case; she is a flawless homemaker, a masterful gardener and cook, and dotes on her disabled younger sister. Though they are still newlyweds, they seem t...

Salt to the Sea
Sepetys, Ruta

$24.99 $11.39

World War II is drawing to a close in East Prussia and thousands of refugees are on a desperate trek toward freedom, many with something to hide. Among them are Joana, Emilia, and Florian, whose paths converge en route to the ship that promises salvation, the Wilhelm Gustloff. Forc...

Rebel of the Sands
Hamilton, Alwyn

$24.06 $9.29

Mortals rule the desert nation of Miraji, but mythical beasts still roam the wild and remote areas, and rumor has it that somewhere, djinn still perform their magic.  For humans, it's an unforgiving place, especially if you're poor, orphaned, or female.  Amani Al'Hiza is all three.&nbs...

Tell Me Three Things
Buxbaum, Julie

$23.99 $8.59

A New York Times Bestseller What if the person you need the most is someone you've never met?   Funny and romantic, this tug-at-your-heartstrings contemporary YA debut is perfect for readers of Rainbow Rowell, Jennifer Niven, and E. Lockhart. Everything about Jessie is wrong. At ...

Children of the Fleet (Fleet School, Bk. 1)
Card, Orson Scott

$36.99 $10.79

From Orson Scott Card, award-winning and bestselling author of Ender's Game, his first solo Enderverse novel in years.Children of the Fleet is a new angle on Card’s bestselling series, telling the story of the Fleet in space, parallel to the story on Earth told in the Ender’s Shadow series.Ender ...

Private Citizens
Tulathimutte, Tony

$18.50 $6.49

Capturing the anxious, self-aware mood of young college grads in the aughts, Private Citizens embraces the contradictions of our new century - call it a loving satire, a gleefully rude comedy of manners, Middlemarch for millennials. The novel's four whip-smart narrators - idealistic Cory, Interne...

The Burning Page (An Invisible Library Novel, Bk. 3)
Cogman, Genevieve

$20.27 $7.89

Due to her involvement in an unfortunate set of mishaps between the dragons and the Fae, Librarian spy Irene is stuck on probation, doing what should be simple fetch-and-retrieve projects for the mysterious Library. But trouble has a tendency to find both Irene and her apprentice, Kai - a dragon ...

Everyone Brave Is Forgiven
Cleave, Chris

$34.05 $10.79

London, 1939. The day war is declared, Mary North leaves finishing school unfinished, goes straight to the War Office, and signs up. Tom Shaw decides to ignore the war - until he learns his roommate Alistair Heath has unexpectedly enlisted. Then the conflict can no longer be avoided. Young, br...

Admissions: Life as a Brain Surgeon
Marsh, Henry

$37.99 $12.19

Henry Marsh has spent a lifetime operating on the surgical frontline. There have been exhilarating highs and devastating lows, but his love for the practice of neurosurgery has never wavered.Following the publication of his celebrated New York Times bestseller Do No Harm, Marsh retired from his f...

Another Brooklyn
Woodson, Jacqueline

$29.00 $9.29

Running into a long-ago friend sets memory from the 1970s in motion for August, transporting her to a time and a place where friendship was everything - until it wasn’t. For August and her girls, sharing confidences as they ambled through neighborhood streets, Brooklyn was a place where they beli...

The Winner's Kiss
Rutkoski, Marie

$20.50 $7.19

War has begun. Arin is in the thick of it with untrustworthy new allies and the empire as his enemy. Though he has convinced himself that he no longer loves Kestrel, Arin hasn’t forgotten her, or how she became exactly the kind of person he has always despised. She cared more for the empire than ...

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