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The Fixer: Secrets for Saving Your Reputation in the Age of Viral Media
Sitrick, Michael S.

$32.98 $10.89

What do you do when the reputation you've built over decades is destroyed in a day? In the court of public opinion, you're rarely innocent until proved guilty, and your enemies don't have to play by the rules.Any misstep can blow up into a worldwide embarrassment on Facebook and Twitter, land on ...

Pr! A Social History of Spin
Ewen, Stuart

$30.00 $10.09

PR! is Stuart Ewen's pathbreaking history of public relations. It begins with the First World War when Ivy Lee, one of the nation's first corporate PR men, helped create a new climate in which public relations and corporate image management would become paramount in American society. Ewen chron...

Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal
Dezenhall, Eric

$30.00 $7.29

In an age when scandal can destroy a company's brand or anyone's reputation in an instant-GLASS JAW is an Art of War guide to modern crisis management. In boxing terms, a tough-looking fighter who can't take a punch is said to have a "glass jaw," and so it is these days with targets of controver...

Extraordinary PR, Ordinary Budget: A Strategy Guide
Farmer, Jennifer R.

$23.69 $7.99

Public relations is a make-or-break factor for all organizations, especially those that are small or mission driven. While it can be tempting to think that PR is a luxury only larger organizations can afford, PR expert Jennifer R. Farmer shows how her CCRR framework - being credible, creative, re...

The Savvy Author's Guide to Book Publicity
Warren, Lissa

$18.48 $5.19

Here is an essential reference for writers - from the self-published to those published by major houses - written by a leading book publicist who pitches books to media every day of her working life. Features: Ten things you can do if your book's not getting media attention; Tips for crafting yo...

Accessing the Media: How to Get Good Press
Osborn, Jill

$19.78 $6.59

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Page 1 of 1 - 6 results

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