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Religion, Christian & Spirituality Books

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The Art of Spiritual War: An Inside Look at the Enemy's Battle Plan
farley, Andrew

$18.50 $8.69

Bestselling author Andrew Farley takes readers on an imaginative journey through the enemy's plan of attack. This creative, modern-day parable exposes evangelical readers to the reality of the supernatural and equips them to do battle against the hidden--but very real--realm of Satan and his demo...

Eyewitness to Miracles: Watching the Gospel Come to Life
Clark, Randy

$21.00 $9.39

Never before has a minister of the gospel gone to such great lengths to meticulously record so many miraculous events: The blind see, the lame walk, and the dead are raised.Dr. Randy Clark shares the captivating results of a global healing ministry and provides links to video testimonies through ...

Live Like Jesus: Discover the Power and Impact of Your True Identity
Putman, Putty

$19.82 $7.99

Many believers live with a gnawing sense that there must be more to the Christian life than what they're living. They stumble around with a deep sense of discontent or resignation, struggling to see how their faith is applicable, exciting, or even visible in their lives. What if the answer is tha...

Power Over the Enemy: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds
Osteen, John

$22.00 $8.69

"Forgive one another lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices." 2 Corinthians 2:11 Today's Christians are largely ignorant of Satan's evil. It's why multitudes of Christians are tormented with fears, bound by addictions and sins, and torn by relationship pro...

A Time to Triumph: How to Win the War Ahead
Pierce, Chuck D.

$21.14 $8.69

We are living in one of the most violent, chaotic, and permissive times in history--and each year the darkness looms larger. In the face of such overwhelming evil, how can we, the church, even begin to overcome?In this empowering and practical book, Chuck Pierce--one of the most accurate prophets...

Handbook for the End Times
Finto, Don

$19.82 $5.19

The future of this planet has never looked bleaker . . . or brighter.The darkest time in all of history, as well as the most brilliant for the people of God, lies before us. Jesus' own words about the wheat and the weeds warn us of this: "Let both grow together until the harvest."In a hopeful, in...

Winning the Battle for the Night: God's Plan for Sleep, Dreams and Revelation
Blatchford, Faith

$18.50 $8.69

In our fast-paced world, we see sleep as "wasted time," or else we lie awake as anxiety, fear, or distractions run through our minds. That was never God's intent for the night. Without realizing it, we've handed this sacred time over to the enemy.With warmth, compassion, and keen biblical insight...

The Day Satan Called: A True Encounter with Demon Possession and Exorcism
Scott, Bill

$19.82 $8.69

THE DAY SATAN CALLED is Bill Scott's account of an excruciating 18-month period in his life. Out of Christian love he and his wife invited a young lady who was demon possessed and the member of an active satanic network into their home. They prayed with her and naively believed that they could he...

Invisible Enemies: How to Recognize and Defeat Demons
Croft, Jim

$18.50 $10.09

Our culture is fascinated by the dark side of the supernatural, exploring it through television, novels, videogames and movies. Most Christians dismiss this darkness as Hollywood fiction, It isn't.

Spiritual Warfare for Your Family: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Children
McCoy, Leighann

$18.50 $8.69

A Practical Guide to Preparing and Protecting Families from Spiritual AttackParents and grandparents long to protect their children, yet many don't know how to fight spiritual battles for their kids. But you can win the battle on the home front!In these pages you will be equipped to defend and fi...

Destiny Thieves: Defeat Seducing Spirits and Achieve Your Purpose in God
Freed, Sandie

$18.50 $8.69

God has a plan for every one of his children. But there are powers working against this plan that attempt to subvert the destiny of believers. Just as Adam and Eve were seduced into sin by the serpent, Christians today still experience these destructive powers that threaten to steal their divine ...

Page 1 of 1 - 11 results

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