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Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully Engaged Members of Your Church
Searcy, Nelson

$20.98 $8.57

What happens during the first seven minutes for a visitor at your church?Creating an environment that both embraces our newcomers and excites them enough to return does not happen by chance. We must be prepared to be effective stewards of those God brings us. Why should the Church not be the epit...

Tattoos on the Heart
Boyle, Gregory

$32.99 $7.38

How do you fight despair and learn to meet the world with a loving heart? How do you overcome shame? Stay faithful in spite of failure? No matter where people live or what their circumstances may be, everyone needs boundless, restorative love. Gorgeous and uplifting, Tattoos on the Heart amply de...

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain
Boudreaux, Megan

$30.17 $8.57

"It took months of God waking me up in the middle of the night before I realized I was the one He was calling to leave my comfortable American life and move to Haiti." Miracle on Voodoo Mountain is the inspirational memoir of an accomplished and driven 24-year old who quit her job, sold ever...

Now That I'm Called: A Guide for Women Discerning a Call to Ministry
Padilla, Kristen

$22.30 $8.57

As a woman in the church, it's difficult to know what it means to say "I'm called to ministry." Whether you have been wrestling with that calling for years or are just starting to ask what it means, Now That I'm Called will provide you with guidance and direction on your journey. Perhaps you are ...

Ministry by Teenagers
McKee, Jonathan

$19.67 $7.98

What would happen if we gave teenagers opportunities to serve and use their gifts in ministry prior to high school graduation? What if we poured into these young leaders, discipling them and doing ministry alongside of them, helping them grow spiritually, seeing and experiencing God working throu...

Making Your Children's Ministry the Best Hour of Every Kid's Week
Miller, Sue

$19.67 $7.98

Promiseland is Willow Creek's highly successful children's ministry. Using examples from Promiseland and churches of all sizes around the country, this book provides step-by-step guidance and creative application exercises to help churches develop a thriving children's ministry - one that strives...

The Way of Hope: A Fresh Perspective on Sexual Identity, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Church
Fisher, Melissa

$22.30 $7.98

Most churches today struggle to answer the same-sex relationship debate that is quickly transforming our culture, our kids, and our churches. As a result, Christians struggle to demonstrate love and grace to those with same-sex attraction. That means that more and more people who are looking for ...

The Emerging Church
Kimball, Dan

$22.30 $8.57

Twenty-five years ago the evangelical church underwent a shift with the arrival of seeker-style churches. However, there are rumblings around the country that the generations in their teens, twenties, and thirties have changing perceptions and preferences. "The Emerging Church" addresses this cha...

Contemplative Youth Ministry
Yaconelli, Mark

$26.23 $10.44

This book is an attitude overhaul that creates a more organic approach to youth ministry that helps you create meaningful silence, covenant communities, and contemplative activities that allow your students to recognize the presence of Jesus.

Youth Ministry 3.0: A Manifesto of Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We Need to Go
Oestreicher, Mark

$17.05 $6.79

In Youth Ministry 3.0, you'll explore, along with Mark Oestreicher and the voices of other youth workers, why we need change in youth ministry

Small Group Leadership as Spiritual Direction
Webb, Heather

$22.30 $6.19

Members of your small group look to you for answers. They bring their raw questions and intimate needs to you, looking for wisdom and understanding. How can you encourage your group to consider the Holy Spirit's voice?

Building the Body: 12 Characteristics of a Fit Church
McIntosh, Gary L.

$20.98 $8.57

Just as a physically healthy person--at an ideal weight and with good blood pressure and cholesterol numbers--might not actually be fit enough to run a 5k, so churches can appear healthy--with no obvious issues, maintaining a healthy size--and yet not exhibit fitness. A fit church is one that is ...

One by One: Welcoming the Singles in Your Church
Dalfonzo, Gina

$20.98 $7.38

There are now more single adults than married adults in the United States, yet the evangelical church continues to focus primarily on serving couples and families with ministries geared toward their particular needs. This can lead, however unintentionally, to the marginalization of adults who are...

The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture
Hipps, Shane

$24.92 $8.57

Shane Hipps reveals the subtle secrets of electronic culture and the hidden ways it is shaping the church. Looking beyond the details of what's happening in communities of faith, Hipps analyzes the broader impact of technology and media on the church.

The More-With-Less Church
Hall, Eddy

$22.30 $7.38

In our challenging economic times, it is no surprise that churches must get creative with their resources. But the authors of "The More-with-Less Church" believe pastors, leadership teams, and planning committees should look on times such as these not as hurdles to overcome but as opportunities t...

Folly, Grace, and Power: The Mysterious Act of Preaching
Koessler, John

$22.30 $8.57

When you stand before your congregation, what do you hope to accomplish when you preach the Word? If people have Bibles and the freedom to read and pray on their own---why do they need you? In short, what do you bring to the table? Author, pastor, and professor John Koessler answers those questio...

12 Faithful Men
Hansen, Collin

$19.67 $4.92

Most pastors know when they enter the ministry that they will spend time helping others through times of suffering. What they usually do not realize, though, is that they too will suffer. Caught off guard, many of them end up deeply hurt and quit the ministry, deciding that perhaps they misunders...

Hoke, Chris

$34.11 $7.99

Wanted follows a restless young man from the sunny suburbs of his youth to the darker side of society in the rainy Northwest, where he finds the direct spiritual experience he's been seeking while volunteering as a night-shift chaplain at a men's correctional facility. The jail becomes his portal...

Unpacking Scripture in Youth Ministry
Root, Andrew

$17.05 $6.79

Targeting in-the-trenches youth workers, Unpacking Scripture in Youth Ministry by Andrew Root points youth workers back to Scripture, showing how the Bible must inform your ministry to faithfully shape the young people in your ministry.

Teenage Guys: Exploring Issues Adolescent Guys Face and Strategies to Help Them
Gerali, Steve

$23.61 $9.76

Youth workers need to fully understand the inner workings and development of adolescents in order to really meet their needs. In Teenage Guys, Dr. Steve Gerali presents the stages of development that adolescent guys go through, providing stories from his own experiences in ministry and counseling...

Small Matters: How Churches and Parents Can Raise Up World-Changing Children (Exponential Series)
Nettle, Greg

$21.00 $6.79

Children have always been close to the heart of God and as followers of Jesus it is our responsibility to protect, nurture, and pass our faith to children. In Small Matters: How Churches and Parents Can Raise Up World-Changing Children, authors Greg Nettle and Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado offer a mod...

Bridges to Grace (Leadership Network Innovation Series)
Swanson, Liz

$20.99 $7.38

Discover the power of recovery ministry for your church. Churchgoers who experience painful family issues, addictions, abuse, loss, mental illnesses, and other secret sorrows begin to believe they live beyond the grip of God's redemptive hand. Pastors often feel ill equipped to help with such pro...

Coffee Shop Conversations
Fincher, Dale/Fincher, Jonalyn

$19.67 $4.41

A 2008 study released by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life notes that the number of people creating their own interpretations of faith and culture is growing. Seems like there are as many different styles of faith as ways to order your latte. How does a Christian have normal conversations...

Youth Worker's Gude to Parent Ministry: A Practical Plan for Defusing Conflict and Gaining Allies
Penner, Marv

$19.67 $5.79

A critical component of a family-based or family-friendly youth ministry is a conscious strategy for ministry to the parents of adolescents. Youth Worker's Guide to Parent Ministry develops a model of parent ministry based on the belief that for a youth worker to be truly effective, it is import...

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