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Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire
Esquith, Rafe

$18.50 $8.69
List Price: $18.50 Our Price: $8.69

Perhaps the most famous fifth-grade teacher in America, Rafe Esquith has won numerous awards and even honorary citizenship in the British Empire for his outstandingly successful methods. In his Los Angeles public school classroom, he helps impoverished immigrant children understand Shakespeare, play Vivaldi, and become happy, self-confident people. This bestseller gives any teacher or parent all the techniques, exercises, and innovations that have made its author an educational icon, from personal codes of behavior to tips on tackling literature and algebra. The result is a powerful book for anyone concerned about the future of our children.

63 Documents the Government Doesn't Want You to Read
Ventura, Jesse

$19.88 $5.79
List Price: $19.88 Our Price: $5.79

There's the Freedom of Information Act, and then there's Jesse . . . The official spin on numerous government programs is flat-out bullsh*t, according to Jesse Ventura. In this incredible collection of actual government documents, Jesse Ventura, the ultimate non-partisan truth-seeker, proves it beyond any doubt. He and Dick Russell walk readers through sixty-three of the most incriminating programs to reveal what really happens behind the closed doors. Witness as he breaks open the vault, revealing the truth: The CIA's top-secret program to control human behavior. Operation Northwoods- the military plan to hijack airplanes and blame it on Cuban terrorists. Potentially deadly healthcare cover-ups, including a dengue fever outbreak. What the Department of Defense knows about our food supply - but is keeping mum. Homeland Security's "emergency" detention camps. Fake terrorist attacks planned by the United States. Although these documents are now in the public domain, the powers that be would just as soon they stay under wraps. Ventura's research and commentary sheds new light on what they're not telling you - and why it matters.

The Content Trap: A Strategist's Guide to Digital Change
Anand, Bharat

$37.24 $12.29
List Price: $37.24 Our Price: $12.29

Harvard Business School Professor of Strategy Bharat Anand presents an incisive new approach to digital transformation that favors fostering connectivity over focusing exclusively on content. Companies everywhere face two major challenges today: getting noticed and getting paid. To confront these obstacles, Bharat Anand examines a range of businesses around the world, from The New York Times to The Economist, from Chinese Internet giant Tencent to Scandinavian digital trailblazer Schibsted, and from talent management to the future of education. Drawing on these stories and on the latest research in economics, strategy, and marketing, this refreshingly engaging book reveals important lessons, smashes celebrated myths, and reorients strategy. Success for flourishing companies comes not from making the best content but from recognizing how content enables customers' connectivity; it comes not from protecting the value of content at all costs but from unearthing related opportunities close by; and it comes not from mimicking competitors' best practices but from seeing choices as part of a connected whole. Digital change means that everyone today can reach and interact with others directly: We are all in the content business. But that comes with risks that Bharat Anand teaches us how to recognize and navigate. Filled with conversations with key players and in-depth dispatches from the front lines of digital change, The Content Trap is an essential new playbook for navigating the turbulent waters in which we find ourselves.

Reading Readiness (Sylvan Learning, Grade K)
Lassiter, Erin

$15.50 $5.79
List Price: $15.50 Our Price: $5.79

Sylvan's Kindergarten Reading Readiness workbook will help your child learn the basic skills needed to read in a fun and engaging way. It is full of curriculum-based activities that strengthen an emerging reader's ability to recognize and understand basic words and text. Each activity focuses on a skill needed to become a superstar reader.

What High Schools Don't Tell You (And Other Parents Don't Want You to Know)
Wissner-Gross, Elizabeth

$16.50 $8.69
List Price: $16.50 Our Price: $8.69

In order to succeed in the fiercely competitive college admissions game, you need a game plan - and you have to start young. In this empowering guide, Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, a nationally sought-after college "packager," helps parents of seventh to tenth graders create a long-term plan that, come senior year, will allow their kids to virtually write their own ticket into their choice of schools. Parents should start by helping their kids identify their academic passions, then design a four-year strategy based on those interests. The book details hundreds of opportunities available to make kids stand out that most high school guidance counselors and teachers simply don’t know about or don’t think to share. This indispensable guide should be required reading for any parent whose child dreams of attending one of the country’s top colleges.

What High Schools Don't Tell You (And Other Parents Don't Want You to Know)
Wissner-Gross, Elizabeth

$16.50 $5.79
List Price: $16.50 Our Price: $5.79

In order to succeed in the fiercely competitive college admissions game, you need a game plan - and you have to start young. In this empowering guide, Elizabeth Wissner-Gross, a nationally sought-after college "packager," helps parents of seventh to tenth graders create a long-term plan that, come senior year, will allow their kids to virtually write their own ticket into their choice of schools. Parents should start by helping their kids identify their academic passions, then design a four-year strategy based on those interests. The book details hundreds of opportunities available to make kids stand out that most high school guidance counselors and teachers simply don’t know about or don’t think to share. This indispensable guide should be required reading for any parent whose child dreams of attending one of the country’s top colleges. NOTE: This is a Scratch & Dent book and may have noticeable dents, scratches and various other cosmetic issues as well as torn or missing dust jacket. These items are only guaranteed to be structurally complete and readable and therefore are sold as is.

Catholic High School Entrance Exams For Dummies
Hatch, Lisa Zimmer

$21.99 $8.69
List Price: $21.99 Our Price: $8.69

Are you planning to attend a Catholic high school? Do you need a fast and effective way to prepare for the HSPT, TACHS, and COOP exams? With six full sample tests, up-to-date questions, and a comprehensive review of the basics in each category you'll encounter, Catholic High School Entrance Exams For Dummies is your ticket to test-taking success.

Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education
Dewey, John

$22.54 $10.09
List Price: $22.54 Our Price: $10.09

Addresses the challenge of providing quality public education in a democratic society. In this classic work Dewey calls for the complete renewal of public education, arguing for the fusion of vocational and contemplative studies in education and for the necessity of universal education for the advancement of self and society. First published in 1916, DEMOCRACY AND EDUCATION is regarded as the seminal work on public education by one of the most important scholars of the century.

In Their Own Way (Revised and Updated)
Armstrong, Thomas

$17.00 $8.69
List Price: $17.00 Our Price: $8.69

In this fully updated classic on multiple intelligences, Armstrong sheds new light on the "eight ways to bloom," or the eight kinds of "multiple intelligences." While everyone possesses all eight intelligences, Armstrong delineates how to discover your child's particular areas of strength among them.

Stuff Every College Student Should Know
Thornburgh, Blair

$10.95 $7.29
List Price: $10.95 Our Price: $7.29

From the best-selling series of how-to guides comes Stuff Every College Student Should Know, the ultimate reference for every part of campus life. Packed with tips, tricks, and handy lists, the book gives college kids the lowdown on everything from pulling all-nighters to navigating dorm room drama to actually doing their own laundry. Covering everything from move-in day to graduation, this pocket-size handbook is the perfect gift for high-school seniors . . . because textbooks can teach you only so much.

Smart Thinking
Markman, Art

$19.95 $7.29
List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $7.29

When you understand how the mind works, you can think smarter-and act smarter.

Education and the Significance of Life

$16.75 $7.29
List Price: $16.75 Our Price: $7.29

This classic Krishnamurti work demonstrates that education which does not result in deep integration of thought, feeling, and outlook is useless. It points out that many contemporary methods of teaching emphasize slavish conformity to mass values and overstress technique; these must be changed. Education and the Significance of Life offers an alternative approach that stresses self-knowledge and a surrounding of freedom and love for the child, to help create an atmosphere in which real education can take place. Education and the Significance of Life is a penetrating inquiry into the nature and requirements of the kind of education which can lead to self-fulfillment and to world peace.

Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World
Wagner, Tony

$29.99 $10.09
List Price: $29.99 Our Price: $10.09

In this groundbreaking book, education expert Tony Wagner provides a powerful rationale for developing an innovation-driven economy. He explores what parents, teachers, and employers must do to develop the capacities of young people to become innovators. In profiling compelling young American innovators such as Kirk Phelps, product manager for Apple’s first iPhone, and Jodie Wu, who founded a company that builds bicycle-powered maize shellers in Tanzania, Wagner reveals how the adults in their lives nurtured their creativity and sparked their imaginations, while teaching them to learn from failures and persevere. Wagner identifies a pattern - a childhood of creative play leads to deep-seated interests, which in adolescence and adulthood blossom into a deeper purpose for career and life goals. Play, passion, and purpose: These are the forces that drive young innovators. Wagner shows how we can apply this knowledge as educators and what parents can do to compensate for poor schooling. He takes readers into the most forward-thinking schools, colleges, and workplaces in the country, where teachers and employers are developing cultures of innovation based on collaboration, interdisciplinary problem-solving, and intrinsic motivation. The result is a timely, provocative, and inspiring manifesto that will change how we look at our schools and workplaces, and provide us with a road map for creating the change makers of tomorrow.

Acceptance: A Legendary Guidance Counselor Helps Seven Kids Find the Right Colleges--and Find Themselves
Marcus, David L.

$20.00 $5.79
List Price: $20.00 Our Price: $5.79

An engrossing profile of an extraordinary guidance counselor who helps kids get into the right colleges through focusing on self- awareness. Gwyeth Smith, known as Smitty, is a nationally renowned guidance counselor who believes that getting into college should be a kid's first great moment of self-discovery. In Acceptance, David L. Marcus, Pulitzer Prize-winning former education writer for U.S. News & World Report, spins an absorbing narrative of a year in the lives of Smitty and "his" kids. At a diverse public school in Long Island, New York, Smitty works his unique magic on students' applications and their lives, helping them find the right college by figuring out who they are, rather than focusing on what their test scores, grades, and finances reflect. Loaded with advice that readers can apply to their own college searches, Acceptance is a book that thousands of students and their parents will find indispensable.

Silver Rights
Curry, Constance

$21.21 $4.39
List Price: $21.21 Our Price: $4.39

"THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE CAN GIVE OUR CHILDREN IS AN EDUCATION." --Mae Bertha Carter   In 1965, the Carters, an African American sharecropping family with thirteen children, took public officials at their word when they were offered "Freedom of Choice" to send their children to any school they wished, and so began their unforeseen struggle to desegregate the schools of Sunflower County, Mississippi. In this true account from the front lines of the civil rights movement, four generations of the Carter family speak to author and civil rights activist Constance Curry, who lived this story alongside the family--a story of clear-eyed determination, extraordinary grit, and sweet triumph.

The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere
Carey, Kevin

$32.95 $4.39
List Price: $32.95 Our Price: $4.39

Over the span of just nine months in 2011 and 2012, the world’s most famous universities and high-powered technology entrepreneurs began a race to revolutionize higher education. College courses that had been kept for centuries from all but an elite few were released to millions of students throughout the world - for free.Exploding college prices and a flagging global economy, combined with the derring-do of a few intrepid innovators, have created a dynamic climate for a total rethinking of an industry that has remained virtually unchanged for a hundred years. In The End of College, Kevin Carey, an education researcher and writer, draws on years of in-depth reporting and cutting-edge research to paint a vivid and surprising portrait of the future of education. Carey explains how two trends - the skyrocketing cost of college and the revolution in information technology - are converging in ways that will radically alter the college experience, upend the traditional meritocracy, and emancipate hundreds of millions of people around the world. Insightful, innovative, and accessible, The End of College is a must-read, and an important contribution to the developing conversation about education in this country.

Learning to Bow
Feiler, Bruce

$18.55 $8.69
List Price: $18.55 Our Price: $8.69

With warmth and candor, bestselling author Feiler recounts the year he spent as a teacher in the world's most heralded school systems. Through his unique perspective, he demystifies contemporary Japanese life.

Better off Without 'Em
Thompson, Chuck

$21.33 $6.59
List Price: $21.33 Our Price: $6.59

Chuck Thompson--dubbed "savagely funny" by the New York Times and "wickedly entertaining" by the San Francisco Chronicle--spent two years traveling the American South to determine whether, as he'd long suspected but not yet proven, the whole country might be better off letting Dixieland make good on its two-hundred-years-old threat to secede. The result is a long overdue and serious inquiry into national divides that is deliberately provocative and uproariously funny while making a compelling case for "a kind of no-fault divorce for nation-states: no hard feelings, just two adults who can't quite make the relationship work, shaking hands and walking away" (The Oxford American).

Twenty-First-Century Jim Crow Schools: The Impact of Charters on Public Education
Sanders, Raynard

$22.61 $7.29
List Price: $22.61 Our Price: $7.29

Overview not currently available

Rewired: Understanding the iGeneration and the Way They Learn
Rosen, Larry D.

$20.00 $4.39
List Price: $20.00 Our Price: $4.39

Look around at today’s youth and you can see how technology has changed their lives. They lie on their beds and study while listening to mp3 players, texting and chatting online with friends, and reading and posting Facebook messages. How does the new, charged-up, multitasking generation respond to traditional textbooks and lectures? Are we effectively reaching today’s technologically advanced youth? Rewired is the first book to help educators and parents teach to this new generation’s radically different learning styles and needs. This book will also help parents learn what to expect from their "techie" children concerning school, homework, and even socialization. In short, it is a book that exposes the impact of generational differences on learning while providing strategies for engaging students at school and at home.

The End of Ignorance: Multiplying Our Human Potential
Mighton, John

$19.95 $6.59
List Price: $19.95 Our Price: $6.59

The End of Ignorance conceives of a world in which no child is left behind – a world based on the assumption that each child has the potential to be successful in every subject. John Mighton argues that by recognizing the barriers that we have experienced in our own educational development, by identifying the moment that we became disenchanted with a certain subject and forever closed ourselves off to it, we will be able to eliminate these same barriers from standing in the way of our children. A passionate examination of our present education system, The End of Ignorance shows how we all can work together to reinvent the way that we are taught.John Mighton, the author of The Myth of Ability, is the founder of JUMP Math, a system of learning based on the fostering of emergent intelligence. The program has proved so successful an entire class of Grade 3 students, including so-called slow learners, scored over 90% on a Grade 6 math test. A group of British children who had effectively been written off as too unruly responded so enthusiastically and had such impressive results using the JUMP method that the school board has adopted the program. Inspired by the work he has done with thousands of students, Mighton shows us why we must not underestimate how much ground can be covered one small step at a time, and challenges us to re-examine the assumptions underlying current educational theory. He pays attention to how kids pay attention, chronicles what captures their imaginations, and explains why their sense of self-confidence and ability to focus are as important to their academic success at school as the content of their lessons.

Ghost Girl
Hayden, Torey L.
(Pocket Books)

$10.99 $5.79
List Price: $10.99 Our Price: $5.79

Jadie never spoke. She never laughed, or cried, or uttered any sound. Despite efforts to reach her, Jadie remained locked in her own troubled world - until one remarkable teacher persuaded her to break her self-imposed silence. Nothing in all of Torey Hayden's experience could have prepared her for the shock of what Jadie told her - a story too horrendous for Torey's professional colleagues to acknowledge. Yet a little girl was living in a nightmare, and Torey Hayden responded in the only way she knew how - with courage, compassion, and dedication - demonstrating once again the tremendous power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

Vanity Fair's Schools For Scandal: The Inside Dramas at 16 of America's Most Elite Campuses • Plus Oxford!
Carter, Graydon (Edt)

$25.00 $4.39
List Price: $25.00 Our Price: $4.39

Many of us have long suspected an American obsession with status. Now Graydon Carter has collected extraordinary articles from Vanity Fair that show the lengths we will go to achieve it, preserve it, or destroy it - from the enduring, shadowy influence of Yale’s secret societies to the infamous “senior salute” at St. Paul’s School; from the false accusations in the Duke lacrosse team’s infamous rape case to the (mis)reportage of a sexual assault at the University of Virginia; from a deadly extreme-sport episode at Oxford to the Keystone Kop theft of a college’s rare books to the allegations of fraud by the now-shuttered Trump University.Vanity Fair’s Schools for Scandal brings focus to the perils facing American education today and how the life of the mind, and the significance of the institutions meant to foster it, has been negatively impacted by the partisan politics of privatization, tensions over so-called political correctness, the fraught dynamic of the teacher-student relationship, and what happens when visions for a bold future collide with the desire to maintain hidebound (or venerable) traditions.With an array of Vanity Fair’s signature writers - including Buzz Bissinger, William D. Cohan, Sarah Ellison, Evgenia Peretz, Todd S. Purdum, and Sam Tanenhaus, among others - Vanity Fair’s Schools for Scandal presents a compelling if troubling account of the state of elite education today, and the evolving social, sexual, racial, and economic forces that have shaped it.

Stuff You Should Have Learned at School
Powell, Michael

$13.23 $4.39
List Price: $13.23 Our Price: $4.39

Don't know much about history, don't know much about biology - don't know much about much at all? If your school days passed in daze and a haze, this pocket guide is just the thing to bring you up to speed. It contains easy-to-read refreshers on 50 basic curriculum points in seven areas fundamental to cultural literacy. From algebraic equations to literary terminology to E=mc², this "stuff" will help make you the center of cocktail conversation, a whiz in the boardroom, and an impressive figure to your peers.

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