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I am Neil Armstrong (Ordinary People Change the World)
Meltzer, Brad

$19.99 $8.69
List Price: $19.99 Our Price: $8.69

Neil Armstrong's journey to the moon is the focus of the fifteenth picture book in the New York Times bestselling series of biographies about heroes.This friendly, fun biography series focuses on the traits that made our heroes great--the traits that kids can aspire to in order to live heroicall...

Planets (National Geographic Reader, Level 2)
Carney, Elizabeth

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

This brilliantly illustrated book taps into children's natural curiosity about the vast world of space. This level two reader, written in simple language that is easy for young readers to understand, introduces children to our solar system, including all of the planets and dwarf planets, and lots...

Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles
National Geographic

$8.95 $5.79
List Price: $8.95 Our Price: $5.79

Packed with the silly jokes that kids love, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, traditional question and answer jokes, and more, Just Joking will be presented in National Geographic Kids' colorful, photo-driven style. Laughing animals, funny people, and other colorful photos are pai...

Penguins! (National Geographic Science Readers, Level 2)
Schreiber, Anne

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

They waddled into stardom in National Geographic's "March of the Penguins" film. These guys are now nature's ROCK STARS! If you're age 5, you're probably as tall as an Emperor. But why do they throw up so much? March this way, and find out all!

Volcanoes! (National Geographic Kids, Science Reader Level 2)
Schreiber, Anne

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

The cool story of volcanoes will intrigue kids and adults alike. Hot melted rock from the middle of our planet forces its way up through cracks in the Earth’s crusts, exploding violently and sometimes unexpectedly in volcanic fury that can terrorize populations for months, even years. Anne Schrei...

The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs
Pinnington, Andrea

$26.53 $11.49
List Price: $26.53 Our Price: $11.49

Being able to identify a bird's song is a skill that brings joy and fosters an appreciation of nature. Learning how to differentiate between the songs of a house finch and a goldfinch, however, is not easy. That is where this enchanting book comes into its own. It features recordings of twelve bi...

My Big Word Book
Priddy, Roger

$10.62 $5.79
List Price: $10.62 Our Price: $5.79

This is the perfect book to help your little one learn their essential first words. On the big, sturdy board pages, they'll discover bright, bold photographs of all kinds of things they'll recognize from around the home and their everyday experiences, all grouped into clear sections such as toys,...

Super Space Sticker Activity Book (National Geographic Kids)
National Geographic

$7.99 $5.19
List Price: $7.99 Our Price: $5.19

An exciting interactive title chock-full of stars, planets, aliens, and everything out of this world brings National Geographic Kids signature content to a sticker and activity book format. For kids who love our universe, this book features the coolest science kids can't get enough of: our planet...

First Numbers, Colors Shapes Sticker Book (First 100)
Priddy, Roger

$13.28 $6.59
List Price: $13.28 Our Price: $6.59

Help pre-schoolers develop their skills in three key first concepts with this fun activity book that includes over 500 fantastic stickers. With counting and numbers, colors, and shapes to learn, each busy page features familiar, everyday words and pictures, and learning becomes interactive as ch...

Seed to Plant (National Geographic Readers, Level 1)
Rattini, Kristin Baird

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

Kids see plants, flowers, and trees around them everyday. In this lively and educational reader, they'll learn how those plants grow. Kids will take this magical journey from seed pollination to plant growth, learning about what plants need to thrive and grow with the same careful text, brilliant...

Little Kids First Big Book of the World (National Geographic Kids)
Carney, Elizabeth

$19.94 $9.39
List Price: $19.94 Our Price: $9.39

Take a journey around the globe with this delightful introduction to the people, places, and weather in our world. Brilliant photographs illustrate every fun-filled page, introducing young readers to countries, sights, and more from the Americas to Australia, and Europe to Antarctica.* More than ...

Welcome to the Symphony: A Musical Exploration of the Orchestra Using Beethoven's Symphony No. 5
Sloan, Carolyn

$33.19 $14.89
List Price: $33.19 Our Price: $14.89

Using one of the most famous works in classical music - Beethoven's Fifth Symphony - here is the perfect way to introduce a young child to the world of classical music. This charming and interactive picture book with its panel of 19 sound buttons is like a ticket to a concert hall, taking readers...

Starting School Wipe Clean Workbook with Pen (Priddy Learning)
Priddy, Roger

$13.99 $9.39
List Price: $13.99 Our Price: $9.39

This wipe-clean workbook is full of essential learning activities to complete and repeat. Children can practice writing, counting, simple math, telling the time, and lots more. A perfect way to prepare for school.

When A Pet Dies (First Experiences)
Rogers, Fred

$7.99 $4.39
List Price: $7.99 Our Price: $4.39

Explores the feelings of frustration, sadness, and loneliness that a youngster may feel when a pet dies.

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark
Levy, Debbie

$23.93 $11.49
List Price: $23.93 Our Price: $11.49

Get to know celebrated Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—in the first picture book about her life—as she proves that disagreeing does not make you disagreeable! Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spent a lifetime disagreeing: disagreeing with inequality, arguing ag...

Cheetahs (National Geographic Readers, Level 2)
Marsh, Laura

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

Adorably cute and amazingly fast, the cheetah is a perennial favorite among kids. This National Geographic Reader will delight kids with beautiful photographs and mind-boggling facts about this majestic and mysterious cat. Did you know a cheetah could go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3 seconds? T...

Tracing And Pen Control
Priddy Books

$9.29 $5.19
List Price: $9.29 Our Price: $5.19

Wipe clean workbooks full of exercises and activities to help prepare children aged three and over for school.

Giraffes (National Geographic Kids Reader, Level 1)
National Geographic

$5.50 $2.99
List Price: $5.50 Our Price: $2.99

Explore the African savanna with giraffes in this exciting reader. Packed with beautiful and engaging photos, kids will learn all about these amazing animals. This Level 1 reader is carefully leveled for an early independent reading or read-aloud experience, perfect to encourage the scientists an...

Jumbo Math Success Workbook (Sylvan Learning, Grade 2)
Sylvan Learning Staff

$21.99 $9.39
List Price: $21.99 Our Price: $9.39

3 BOOKS IN 1! This super-sized workbook is jam-packed with 320 pages of kid-friendly, teacher-reviewed exercises—perfect for kids tackling 2nd grade math. Building a strong foundation in basic math is essential as second-graders prepare to advance to more difficult math concepts. This Jumbo Workb...

Sharks (National Geographic Reader, Level 2)
Schreiber, Anne

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

He’s quick. He’s silent. He has five rows of deadly teeth. Chomp! Meet the shark - the fish who ruled the deep before dinosaurs roamed the Earth! This fish has soft cartilage so he can glide, twist, and turn before his prey can say "gulp!" He can smell a single drop of blood in 25 million drops o...

Pandas (National Geographic Kids, Level 2)
Schreiber, Anne

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

The whole world loves panda bears. Everyone loves to watch them play, climb, cuddle, and chew. But careful, they can scratch too—just look at that tree! Pandas live in wild places very far away, and they are the STAR ATTRACTIONS of every zoo that keeps them safe and well, all over the world.

Ants (National Geographic Kids Level 1)
Stewart, Melissa

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

Ants are everywhere. They creep, they crawl, they climb, and they fall. But they get up and they keep on working. Ants come in all different shapes, different sizes, and different colors. And they do a lot of different jobs. These hard-working little creatures thrive wherever they go, making what...

First Big Book of Bugs (National Geographic Little Kids)
Hughes, Catherine D.

$19.94 $9.39
List Price: $19.94 Our Price: $9.39

The experts at National Geographic present a delightful reference that introduces young children to bugs of all kinds: big and small, jumping and crawling, colorful and creepy. This charming book explores backyard favorites, such as ladybugs and lightning bugs, and introduces kids to more exotic ...

Dinosaurs (National Geographic Readers, Level 1)
Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner

$4.99 $3.69
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $3.69

There's nothing more fascinating than dinosaurs. In this Level 1 reader, youngsters learn all about the terrifying giants that once roamed the Earth--maybe even as close as their own backyard! They'll be wowed by new information and eye-popping illustrations from National Geographic, a trusted so...

Page 2 of 101 - 2415 results

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