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My First Atlas of the World (National Geographic Kids)
National Geographic

$24.99 $10.89

National Geographic's world-renowned mapmakers, working with experts in education, have created a bright, bold atlas that will capture the imaginations of children everywhere. Perfect for kids ages 3 to 6, this atlas' colorful maps pop off the pages and transport young explorers to the seven cont...

Beginner's World Atlas (National Geographic Kids)
National Geographic

$21.50 $17.29

With completely up-to-date facts-at-a-glance, a glossary, pronunciation guide, and comprehensive index, this completely revised atlas takes young readers on a high-energy tour of the world and will be a must-have in every home and school. Vibrant color, fresh design, amazing photography, and new ...

Looking for Bigfoot (Step into Reading, Step 4)
Worth, Bonnie

$6.58 $2.99

Is Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) a descendent of the extinct giant ape Gigantopithecus? Or is it a myth turned pop-culture phenom that we want to believe is real? In this objectively written graded reader, author Bonnie Worth examines the evidence for and against the existence of the alleged ape, inclu...

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving
Anderson, Laurie Halse

$10.54 $3.69

Relates how Sarah Hale, a magazine editor and author, persuaded President Lincoln to transform Thanksgiving Day into a national holiday.

Smart About The Fifty States
Buller, Jon (Ilt)

$7.99 $4.39

The kids in Ms. Brandt's class create a special report on the United States of America, with each child doing research on ten states. There's a double-spread map of the whole U.S. and a page for every state jam-packed with trivia, interesting facts, handwritten captions, and jokes. At the end of ...

Bread Bread Bread
Morris, Ann

$8.99 $4.39

What kind of bread do you eat? A bagel? A tortilla? A baguette? All over the world, wherever there are human beings, someone is eating bread. Ann Morris's simple text and Ken Heyman's dazzling full-color photographs reveal for young readers how people eat - and how people live - the world over.

Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing
Singer, Marilyn

$23.74 $8.69

Marilyn Singer has crafted a vibrant collection of poems celebrating all forms of social dance from samba and salsa to tango and hip-hop. The rhythm of each poem mimics the beat of the dances’ steps. Together with Kristi Valiant’s dynamic illustrations, the poems create a window to all the ways d...

Maps And Globes (Reading Rainbow Book)
Knowlton, Jack

$8.99 $5.19

Maps and globes can take you anywhere - to the top of the tallest mountain on earth or the bottom of the deepest ocean. Maps tell you about the world: where various countries are located, where the jungles and deserts are, even how to find your way around your own hometown. If you take a fancy to...

Don't Know Much About The 50 States
Davis, Kenneth C.

$9.99 $5.19

Each state boasts a claim to fame. Davis highlights distinctive facts about states through quizzes, fun questions, and riddles. Eye-catching and humorous full-color vignettes illustrate key points about each state.

Milk From Cow To Carton (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Book)

$7.50 $4.39

Milk is ice cold on a summer's day, toasty warm on a snowy night, and perfect with a chocolate chip cookie. But how does milk end up in a carton on your grocer's shelf? From cow to farmer to dairy to container - milk travels a long way to reach your glass.

The Twelve Days Of Christmas In Arizona
Stewart, Jennifer J.

$16.95 $8.69

Carlos is so excited about his cousin Isabella's visit to Arizona that he gives her an unusual gift on each of the twelve days of Christmas. Isabella writes lively letters home to tell her mom and dad all about her trip. Lucky readers are in for a wild Christmas countdown.

What Does Peace Feel Like?
Radunsky, Vladimir (Ilt)

$23.74 $10.89

This book reveals what peace looks, tastes and feels like to children all over the world.

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur (Holidays Around the World)
Heiligman, Deborah

$8.99 $5.19

Celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur examines how these Jewish High Holy Days are celebrated worldwide. Rosh Hashanah, known as the Jewish New Year, is a time for reflection and resolution. On Yom Kippur, also called the Day of Atonement, Jews fast, pray, and ask God's forgiveness for their sin...

Geography (My Weird School Fast Facts)
Gutman, Dan

$7.25 $3.69

Think fast with A.J. and Andrea from My Weird School!Did you know that Antarctica’s largest land animal is an insect? Did you know that the smallest country in the world is only 0.2 square miles?!Learn more weird-but-true geography facts with A.J. and Andrea from Dan Gutman’s bestselling My Weird...

This Is the World: A Global Treasury
Sasek, Miroslav

$46.19 $21.49

A compilation of abridged versions of M. Sasek’s most popular children’s travel books. From London to Hong Kong, Sydney to San Francisco, readers will delight in this charming journey through the world’s great cities. With deft strokes of his paintbrush and a witty voice to match, master illustra...

Thomas Jefferson's Feast (Step Into Reading, Step 4)
Murphy, Frank

$5.99 $2.99

Tells of Thomas Jefferson's trip to France in 1784, and all the exotic foods he learned about and then introduced to America, including ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and tomatoes.

Beginner's United States Atlas (National Geographic Kids)
National Geographic

$17.90 $8.69

It's a big country, and National Geographic wants to make sure youngsters have what they need to understand it. That's why we've fully revised and updated this colorful and fact-filled United States atlas. Each of the easy-to-read maps has been custom designed for children, and full-color photogr...

Celebrate Kwanzaa (Holidays Around the World)
Otto, Carolyn

$10.99 $5.19

Celebrate Kwanzaa continues the spectacular Holidays Around the World series by focusing on this African-American holiday, which falls during the festive, gift-giving season and is celebrated by families, communities, and schools throughout America. With succinct, lively text and beautiful photog...

Where Is the Bermuda Triangle?
Stine, Megan

$21.10 $8.69

Who doesn't love a great mystery? This book presents the eerie accidents and unexplained disappearances that have occurred in the region known as the Bermuda Triangle.Even before it was named, the Bermuda Triangle--roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico--had gained a mythic reputation...

Celebrate Passover (Holidays Around the World)
Heiligman, Deborah

$8.99 $5.19

The most celebrated holiday in the Jewish year, Passover commemorates the Exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt to freedom over 3,500 years ago. This colorful book explores the many forms that this weeklong celebration takes worldwide. Deborah Heiligman's rich text details the long lavish meals call...

When Clay Sings
Baylor, Byrd

$21.00 $12.99

An exploration of the designs that originally appeared on the pottery of the Indians of the Southwest.

Sydney & Simon: Go Green!
Reynolds, Paul A.

$14.95 $8.69

Once Sydney learns how garbage can get into the ocean and harm sea life, she won't rest until she and her twin brother, Simon, reduce waste at home and at school. Together the creative duo gets friends and family recycling, reusing, and even singing and playing instruments made from repurposed tr...

Jason and the Argonauts: The First Great Quest in Greek Mythology
Byrd, Robert

$23.99 $8.69

A beautifully illustrated account of the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts with informative details from the award-winning author of Electric Ben.The story of Jason and the Argonauts is one of the earliest recorded Greek myths. Here, master artist Robert Byrd has created a striking telling of...

Ancient Celts (National Geographic Investigates)
Green, Jen

$23.95 $10.09

The people called Celts influenced a huge span of territory. Many different Celtic cultures existed, ranging from the Black Sea to Ireland. In all parts of that enormous area, archaeologists have searched for years, looking for clues to the history of the Celtic past. Learn about mysterious bo...

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