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What Can You Do with a Paleta? Que Puedes Hacer Con Una Paleta?
Tafolla, Carmen

$10.74 $5.79
List Price: $10.74 Our Price: $5.79

As she strolls through her barrio, a young girl introduces readers to the frozen, fruit-flavored treat that thrills Mexican and Mexican-American children. In this bilingual paperback edition, discover the joys of a paleta - the traditional Mexican popsicle treat sold from the wagon with the tinkly bell that brings children running from every direction. Create a masterpiece, make tough choices (strawberry or coconut?), or cool off on a warm summer's day - there's so much to do with a paleta.

Bilal Cooks Daal
Saeed, Aisha

$23.99 $8.69
List Price: $23.99 Our Price: $8.69

Six-year-old Bilal is excited to help his dad make his favorite food of all-time: daal! The slow-cooked lentil dish from South Asia requires lots of ingredients and a whole lot of waiting. Bilal wants to introduce his friends to daal. They’ve never tried it! As the day goes on, the daal continues to simmer, and more kids join Bilal and his family, waiting to try the tasty dish. And as time passes, Bilal begins to wonder: Will his friends like it as much as he does?This debut picture book by Aisha Saeed, with charming illustrations by Anoosha Syed, uses food as a means of bringing a community together to share in each other’s family traditions.

Night of the Veggie Monster
McClements, George

$10.74 $3.69
List Price: $10.74 Our Price: $3.69

When a single pea touches the lips of this determined vegetable hater, our hero doesn't cry, whine, or refuse to swallow. He turns into a VEGGIE MONSTER! Ready to smash the chairs! Ready to tip the table! Ready to . . . GULP . . . down his peas? With inventive mixed-media illustrations and a short, snappy text that combines a child's dinnertime drama with a hilarious parents'-eye-view, George McClements has created a wry and funny story that just might inspire a few veggie monsters out there to give peas a chance.

Fruit Bowl
Hoffmann, Mark
(Picture Books)

$24.18 $10.89
List Price: $24.18 Our Price: $10.89

All the fruit are in the bowl. There's Apple and Orange. Strawberry and Peach. Plum and Pear. And, of course, Tomato. Now wait just a minute! Tomatoes aren't fruit! Or are they?Using sly science (and some wisdom from a wise old raisin), Tomato proves all the fruit wrong and shows that he belongs in the bowl just as much as the next blueberry! And he's bringing some unexpected friends too!

Everyone Loves Cupcake
DiPucchio, Kelly
(Picture Books)

$24.99 $8.69
List Price: $24.99 Our Price: $8.69

Cupcake discovers the perils of trying too hard to please everyone, including Doughnut, Brownie, and Muffin.

How to Eat Pizza
Burgerman, Jon

$22.99 $8.69
List Price: $22.99 Our Price: $8.69

Everyone's favorite meal talks back in this deliciously irreverent new picture book from the creator of Splat! and Rhyme Crime How do you eat pizza? Do you pick the biggest slice? Add hot pepper flakes? Use your hands? Do you know how your pizza slice feels about that? He thinks it's disgusting. There are so many other things you could eat -- that aren't him. Listen up. He's got ideas.Bright, bold artwork and real-kid humor create a recipe for laugh-out-loud, finger-licking fun.

Christmas Cookie Day!
Knudson, Tara
(Board Books)

$12.50 $5.79
List Price: $12.50 Our Price: $5.79

Christmas Cookie Day! celebrates the beloved tradition of making Christmas treats and even features a special Christmas cookie recipe for you and your child to create. The bright illustrations by Pauline Siewert and sweet, rhyming text by Tara Knudson are sure to capture the wonder of young readers and parents alike. Perfect for building new memories, this board book has a beautiful, glittery cover.

Sugar Cookies: Sweet Little Lessons On Love
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
(Picture Books)

$17.50 $8.69
List Price: $17.50 Our Price: $8.69

This delectable follow-up to the bestselling Cookies and Christmas Cookies defines words that are associated with love. From letting your friend have the last cookie (selfless) to waiting to lick the bowl together (considerate), here is a book for anyone who wants to say I love you. Meanings are illuminated in this different kind of dictionary, which is every bit as heartwarming as the experience of baking cookies with someone you love.

Lidia's Family Kitchen: Nonna's Birthday Surprise
Bastianich, Lidia
(Picture Books)

$22.78 $5.19
List Price: $22.78 Our Price: $5.19

It's Nonna Mima's birthday, and Nonna Lidia and her grandkids are determined to throw her a surprise feast! While planning the evening's menu, Nonna Lidia shares her memories of growing up on the farm during each season of the year, gardening her own fruits and vegetables, and being surrounded by animals of all kinds. After a trip to the farmers' market, Lidia and the kids prepare a pasta primavera, perfect for a family celebration!Renée Graef's warm, heartfelt illustrations capture Lidia Bastianich's love for her family and the food that they share. Included are eighteen recipes that emphasize the ingredients abundant during each season and the use of leftover ingredients, while "Kids Can" suggestions note ways that kids can participate in the making of the meals.Whether you are looking for an intergenerational family story or are a fan of America's favorite Italian chef, Nonna's Birthday Surprise delivers a savory treat.

Ready or Not, Here Comes Peanut Butter! (A Scratch-and-Sniff Book)
Border, Terry
(Board Books)

$17.46 $4.39
List Price: $17.46 Our Price: $4.39

Play hide-and-seek with Peanut Butter, Cupcake, and all their friends in this scratch-and-sniff board book.Young readers will have fun using their noses to find out who's hiding where! Scratch and sniff to help Peanut Butter find Cupcake, Soup, Hamburger, French fries, Ice Cream, and Jelly in this delicious-smelling book! This book does not include any peanut butter scratch-and-sniff elements.

Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons
Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
(Board Books)

$9.99 $5.19
List Price: $9.99 Our Price: $5.19

Everyone knows cookies taste good, but these cookies also have something good to say. Turn to any page in this delectable book by New York Times bestselling duo Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jane Dyer and you will find out something about life - bite-size lessons now in a bite-size book!Big concept words such as Patient, Proud, Modest, and Respect are defined in straightforward, cookie-related terms that children of all ages will comprehend. For example, "Trustworthy means, If you ask me to hold your cookie until you come back, when you come back, I will still be holding your cookie." This A New York Times bestseller is by turns clever, honest, inspirational, and whimsical.

A Cooked-Up Fairy Tale
Klostermann, Penny Parker

$24.18 $6.59
List Price: $24.18 Our Price: $6.59

From the creators of There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight comes a fun fractured fairy tale about an aspiring chef who mistakenly turns story ingredients into delectable dishes. . . . Uh-oh!In the magical land of fairy tales, William doesn’t quite fit in. He’d rather poach pears than pursue princesses, and he values gnocchi over knighthood. . . .   When he stumbles on a delivery of food destined for Fairy-Tale Headquarters (a pumpkin, apples, and a few measly beans), he decides to spice things up and whips the paltry ingredients into delectable dishes. But as you might have guessed, Snow White’s wicked stepmother doesn’t exactly want her magic apple baked and drizzled with caramel.   The team that brought you There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight delivers a hilariously fractured, whipped, and souffléed fairy tale that is chock-full of delicious details and jokes to satisfy every appetite.

Little Chef
Weinberg, Elisabeth
(Picture Books)

$23.50 $8.69
List Price: $23.50 Our Price: $8.69

A little girl prepares to make her grandmother’s favorite meal in Matt Stine's and Elisabeth Weinberg's Little Chef, an energetic picture book illustrated by Paige Kaiser.

A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat
Jenkins, Emily
(Picture Books)

$20.99 $7.29
List Price: $20.99 Our Price: $7.29

From highly acclaimed author Jenkins and Caldecott Medal–winning illustrator Blackall comes a fascinating picture book in which four families, in four different cities, over four centuries, make the same delicious dessert: blackberry fool. This richly detailed book ingeniously shows how food, technology, and even families have changed throughout American history. In 1710, a girl and her mother in Lyme, England, prepare a blackberry fool, picking wild blackberries and beating cream from their cow with a bundle of twigs. The same dessert is prepared by an enslaved girl and her mother in 1810 in Charleston, South Carolina; by a mother and daughter in 1910 in Boston; and finally by a boy and his father in present-day San Diego. Kids and parents alike will delight in discovering the differences in daily life over the course of four centuries. Includes a recipe for blackberry fool and notes from the author and illustrator about their research.

What's Cooking, Moo Moo? (Moo Moo and Mr Quackers Present)
Miller, Tim
(Picture Books)

$21.99 $5.19
List Price: $21.99 Our Price: $5.19

Moo Moo serves up another half-baked scheme—and loyal Mr. Quackers goes along for the ride—in this madcap follow-up to Moo Moo in a Tutu.Yes, for real! The hilarious cow-and-duck duo are opening their own five-star restaurant. You’ll want to see what udderly ridiculous antics they get up to in their new adventure.

Peanut Butter's Delicious Colors
Border, Terry
(Board Books)

$9.39 $4.39
List Price: $9.39 Our Price: $4.39

Milk wants to give bows to all of her friends, and she wants them to match! She gives Carrot a blue bow, but that's not right - Carrot is orange! She gives Lime a yellow bow, but that's not right either - Lime is green! And when it comes to sprinkle-covered Cupcake, what is Milk supposed to do? She knows - Cupcake gets a Rainbow bow!In this latest addition to Terry Border's fun, funny, and punny concept board books, colors get their time to shine.

Klondike, Do Not Eat Those Cupcakes!
Driscoll, Amanda
(Picture Books)

$22.84 $6.59
List Price: $22.84 Our Price: $6.59

Join a hungry seal as he attempts the impossible task of waiting until his sister's party to eat a delicious birthday cupcake in this hilarious picture book that's perfect for fans of The Bear Ate Your Sandwich.What's the one thing you could say to make birthday cupcakes even more delicious to Klondike? Tell Klondike not to eat them!Klondike's sister is having a birthday party, and everything is ready--the only thing that's left to do is wait until it's time to eat the birthday cupcakes.But Klondike REALLY loves cupcakes. And waiting is SO hard. The narrator tries everything to keep him from eating the treats, from distracting him with a magician to visualizing tubeworm tacos instead of cupcakes (unfortunately, seals like Klondike are big fans of tubeworm tacos).Alas, these tactics are no match for Klondike's love of cupcakes. It isn't long before he caves to his cravings, and it looks like the party will be cupcakeless! Will he be able to whip up a new batch in time?

Chefs and What They Do (Profession Series)
Slegers, Liesbet

$17.95 $8.69
List Price: $17.95 Our Price: $8.69

Chefs prepare food for the people who come to their restaurants and they have a whole team of cooks to help. Chefs have to work hard to create delicious, healthy dishes. They also have to try some of the food, know a lot about ingredients and make up new recipes. It’s a delicious job!A tasty, informative book for children about chefs and restaurants.

Grandpa Cacao: A Tale of Chocolate, from Farm to Family
Zunon, Elizabeth

$23.99 $8.69
List Price: $23.99 Our Price: $8.69

This beautifully illustrated story connects past and present as a girl bakes a chocolate cake with her father and learns about her grandfather harvesting cacao beans in West Africa.

Marigold Bakes a Cake
Malbrough, Mike

$24.18 $10.89
List Price: $24.18 Our Price: $10.89

Marigold the cat loves Mondays, for that is when he bakes cakes! With his favorite recipe in front of him, he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to it. He whips up egg whites . . . Easy. He adds a cup of milk . . . Peasy. Then he sprinkles in just a pinch of . . . of finch?! That's not right at all! Neither are the smidgeons of pigeons or the spoonsfull of loons. Clearly a chase is in order! Yet all that leads to is a spectacularly messy kitchen. And no cake.With a recipe comprised of equal parts humor and charm, author-illustrator Mike Malbrough has cooked up a scrumptious laugh-out-loud addition to the great tradition of interruption books. Perfect for fans of Mo Willems' Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and David Ezra Stein's Interrupting Chicken.

All In Just One Cookie
Goodman, Susan E.

$24.18 $11.49
List Price: $24.18 Our Price: $11.49

1 hungry Vermont cow. 2 stalks Hawaiian grass. 1 tsp flower seeds from Madagascar. 2 days of hard work from a New Hampshire hen. 1 tsp Pacific Ocean. 1 tsp dried-up Wyoming lake. 2 ¼ c Kansas field. 2 c West African beans. Mix. Bake until golden brown. It may not be the usual recipe, but it's just what Grandma needs to bake her famous chocolate chip cookies! You won't believe what is all in just one cookie! Yum!

Clark the Shark: Too Many Treats (I Can Read Level 1)
Hale, Bruce

$21.00 $10.09
List Price: $21.00 Our Price: $10.09

Clark the Shark's mom is making brownies for school. But when Clark decides to taste just one, the impulsive shark can't stop eating! Will the class treat be ruined?With easy-to-read text and Clark's trademark rhymes, this chocolaty Level One tale will have beginning readers ready to take a bite out of reading!

Apples and Pumpkins
Rockwell, Anne
(Board Books)

$9.99 $4.39
List Price: $9.99 Our Price: $4.39

In this Classic Board Book version of a perennial favorite, a young girl shares in the joy and excitement of the fall season. "When red and yellow leaves are on the trees," she goes with her parents to a farm where they pick apples and choose "the best pumpkin of them all."

Louise Loves Bake Sales (I Can Read! Level 1)
Light, Kelly

$4.99 $2.99
List Price: $4.99 Our Price: $2.99

Louise loves all kinds of art. But when she has to make cupcakes for a bake sale - and everything goes wrong - can she and her brother make messy cupcakes into art?

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