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50 Ways to Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life
Smit, Irene

List Price: $33.99 Sale: $13.93

In this innovative approach to drawing instruction, the illustrators from Flow magazine open up their tool kits, sharing secrets and techniques to teach the creatively curious how to draw. The lessons, 50 in all, curated from the best of Flow's two special drawing issues, show how to render the kinds of things we see every day: a bouquet of flowers, a beloved teacup, colorful mittens, the kitchen table, a bike, jam jars, a cat, an apple tree. Along the way we learn about color, materials, perspective, tools, and negative space. With its bound-in paper goodies, this book is also a canvas for artistic exploration - reminding us of the mindful pleasure of doing creative work.Filled With Paper Goodies:• Mini daily drawing pad• DIY postcards• Watercolor, tracing, and colored papers• House interiors to unfold and decorate

A Book That Takes Its Time: An Unhurried Adventure in Creative Mindfulness (Flow)
Smit, Irene

List Price: $37.99 Sale: $15.20

A mindfulness retreat between two covers, A Book That Takes Its Time is filled with bound-in postcards, mini-journals, stickers, decorative papers for collaging, and many more surprises to encourage slowing down and appreciating the little things.Move slowly and with intention through the pages, and discover that sweet place where life can be both thoughtful and playful.

Creativity Takes Courage: Dare to Think Differently (Flow)
Smit, Irene

List Price: $29.99 Sale: $11.46

It’s not always easy to be creative—to give our minds space to roam while ignoring our inner critic, to stare down a blank page and make the leap from nothing to anything. It takes courage.Finding the courage to create is something the editors of Flow know a lot about. Creativity is a central value of the Flow mission, evident in every issue that bursts with the wild imaginations of its artists, writers, and editors. In Creativity Takes Courage, Flow brings together inspiration, hands-on projects, boundary-pushing activities, and special paper goodies to show readers how to unleash their inner artists.Organized around a series of twelve “dares”—including Dare to Fail, Dare to Be a Kid, Dare to Be Bored, Dare to Go Offline, Dare to Collaborate—Creativity Takes Courage encourages the reader to be fully present . . . and spend idle time staring out the window. To leave your comfort zone and start a project, without hesitation . . . and nourish yourself with museum visits and reading time. Each dare includes fill-in pages and prompts to go deeper into what motivates us or hinders us, like mindful questions to identify fears of failure, or a Dare to Commit notebook for recording both daily and weekly projects.It’s the illustrated and fully interactive gift of how to live more creatively and enjoy every minute of the process, no matter what the result.

The Big Book of Less: Finding Joy in Living Lighter (Flow)
Smit, Irene

List Price: $37.99 Sale: $13.93

From Flow, a beautiful, mindful guide to having less stuff. Less stress. Less distraction. Less everything.In less comes the freedom of letting go. This thoughtful and surprising book shows us how to get there, by paring down not just the jumble of things around us, but the clutter in our heads, too. And to help, interact with special paper goodies, including a one-thought-a-day diary, a foldout tiny house to let you imagine the pleasures of living in a small and cozy space, and art posters that depict a beautiful picture of what it means to do less, not more.Paper goodies from The Big Book of Less include:• 2 journals• A dot journal poster• 4 art posters• 1 foldout tiny house with 20 accessories• And even more hidden treasures

Everything Grows with Love: Beautiful Words, Inspiring Thoughts (Flow)
Smit, Irene

List Price: $13.99 Sale: $5.73

Relish life, love, and friendship - and share it with everyone you love. Created by the editors of Flow magazine, this pocket-sized book features dozens of uplifting quotes and sayings in original graphics and hand-lettering by 20 contributing artists and illustrators.On each page, affirmations, motivational sayings, and quotes are illuminated in gorgeous calligraphy, playful photo montages, and exquisite embroidery.

Page 1 of 1 - 5 results

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