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10 Little Penguins
Toms, Kate

$8.99 $5.79

10 little penguins are ready for some fun, but 1 of them has lost her way before the day's begun. Look inside to find out what happens to the little penguins during their fun-filled day. Count aloud as the mischievous penguins go from being 10 to just 1. Rhyming text and beautiful, hand-stitch...

101 Places Not to See Before You Die
Price, Catherine

$18.64 $8.69

From the Grover Cleveland Service Area to the Beijing Museum of Tap Water to, of course, Euro Disney, 101 Places Not to See Before You Die brings you lively tales of the most ill-conceived museums, worst theme parks, and grossest Superfund sites that you'll ever have the pleasure of not visiting....

104 Things to Paint
Chronicle Books

$22.58 $8.69

Grab your paints and get ready to be inspired! Chock-full of quirky, thought-provoking, and whimsical prompts that take you from inside your refrigerator all the way to outer space, 104 Things to Paint is the perfect on-the-go art studio.No need to worry about paper - 104 Things to Paint has ext...

Bolano, Roberto

$23.00 $10.09

Three academics on the trail of a reclusive German author; a New York reporter on his first Mexican assignment; a widowed philosopher; a police detective in love with an elusive older woman - these are among the searchers drawn to the border city of Santa Teresa, where over the course of a decade...

4.50 from Paddington (English Readers)
Christie, Agatha

$17.30 $5.79

Collins brings the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, to English language learners. Agatha Christie is the most widely published author of all time and in any language. Now Collins has adapted her famous detective novels for English language learners. These carefully adapted versions are shorter wi...

40 Colorful Afghans to Crochet: A Collection of Eye-Popping Stitch Patterns, Blocks & Projects
Morgan, Leonie

$30.99 $10.89

Leonie Morgan is back with another book, showcasing her vibrant color and stitch combinations. Featuring both block and stitch patterns, there is plenty to please granny-square lovers and row-by-row enthusiasts.Each of the 40 afghan designs comes with a clear written pattern, an easy-to-follow ch...

5-Minute Pinkalicious Stories
Kann, Victoria

$15.99 $7.99

Join Pinkalicious in this collection of twelve pinktastic stories as she meets a mini-mermaid, has fun with fashion, and learns to fly a kite. With five minutes of read-aloud fun in each story, you'll welcome this new collection of Pinkalicious classics into your story-time tradition.

The 6th Extinction (Sigma Force Novels, Bk. 9)
Rollins, James

$24.99 $7.99

In a masterful epic that combines timeless mystery and ripped-from-the-headlines scientific intrigue, New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes humankind to its endpoint, to a fate inscribed in rock and ice in an event known as The 6th Extinction. Life always finds a way. . . . A mili...

Absolute Value
Simonson, Itamar

$37.29 $2.99

Going against conventional wisdom, Absolute Value reveals what really influences customers today and offers a new framework--the Influence Mix--for thinking about consumer decision making, which should help managers develop more effective marketing strategies. How people buy things has changed pr...

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think About Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment (Expanded Edition)
Harvey, Steve

$36.99 $14.39

Steve Harvey, the host of the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, can't count the number of impressive women he's met over the years, whether it's through the "Strawberry Letters" segment of his program or while on tour for his comedy shows. These are women who can run a small busine...

The Adventures of Tom Bombadil
Tolkien, J. R. R.

$21.30 $8.69

This revised and expanded edition of Tolkien's own Hobbit-inspired poetry includes previously unpublished poems and notes, and is beautifully illustrated by Narnia artist Pauline Baynes.

After Alice
Maguire, Gregory

$36.99 $10.89

From the multi-million-copy bestselling author of Wicked comes a magical new twist on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Lewis’s Carroll’s beloved classic.When Alice toppled down the rabbit-hole 150 years ago, she found a Wonderland as rife with ...

After the Funeral
Christie, Agatha

$15.99 $5.19

When Cora Lansquenet is savagely murdered with a hatchet, the extraordinary remark she made the previous day at her brother Richard's funeral suddenly takes on a chilling significance. At the reading of Richard's will, Cora was clearly heard to say, "It's been hushed up very nicel...

Hughes, Naomi

$23.97 $7.99

A horrific explosion levels part of the city and Camryn Kingfisher is the sole survivor.Amidst controversy, conspiracy theories, and threats from government officials, Camryn longs for the truth. But the only person who she can turn to is a transparent boy in a lab coat named Quint. Unsure whethe...

Agatha Christie: The Monogram Murders (Hercule Poirot Mystery)
Christie, Agatha

$26.63 $7.99

Hercule Poirot's quiet supper in a London coffeehouse is interrupted when a young woman confides to him that she is about to be murdered. Though terrified, she begs Poirot not to find and punish her killer. Once she is dead, she insists, justice will have been done. Later that night, Poirot learn...

Airport Lift-the-Flap Book (Playtown)
Priddy, Roger

$13.31 $6.59

It's another busy day at Playtown Airport! From shops and restaurants at the bustling terminal, to special airport emergency services, to the ground crew preparing planes for takeoff, children will be fascinated to find out how Playtown Airport works in this highly detailed, illustrated board bo...

The Alchemist (Unabridged)
Coelho, Paulo

$37.95 $15.79

Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel has inspired a devoted following around the world. This story, dazzling in its simplicity and wisdom, is about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of treasure buried in the Pyramids. Alon...

Alice, I Think
Juby, Susan

$21.30 $10.09

After her first therapist has a meltdown, Alice MacLeod and her new therapist decide that Alice's horizons should be expanded. Enter Alice's Life Goals List. It's time to grow up, act her age, maybe even go to regular high school after years of being taught at home. Alice is on the hunt for a ...

All About Love: New Visions
Hooks, Bell

$16.50 $7.29

In this clarion treatise, Bell Hooks writes from a spiritual perspective to offer "new ways of thinking about love." Motivated both by her own struggles with heartache and by the despair she observes in society at large, Hooks defines love as "an action rather than a feeling" in a gracefully flow...

All The Wrong Questions: "Who Could That Be at This Hour?"
Snicket, Lemony

$22.63 $8.69

Drawing on events that took place during a period of his youth spent in a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, Snicket chronicles his experiences as an apprentice in an organization nobody knows about. While there, he began to ask a series of questions-wrong questions that should not ...

All at Sea
Aitkenhead, Decca

$24.99 $6.59

All at Sea is a remarkable story of love and loss, of how one couple changed each other’s life, and of what a sudden death can do to the people who survive.On a hot, still morning on a beautiful beach in Jamaica, Decca Aitkenhead’s life changed forever. Her four-year-old son was paddling peaceful...

All the Rage
Summers, Courtney

$13.31 $4.39

The sheriff's son, Kellan Turner, is not the golden boy everyone thinks he is, and Romy Grey knows that for a fact. Because no one wants to believe a girl from the wrong side of town, the truth about him has cost her everything - friends, family, and her community. Branded a liar and bullied rele...

Alphabet (Puzzle Play Set)
Priddy, Roger

$26.99 $11.49

Help your child learn the alphabet with these three chunky word books and colorful jigsaw puzzle. The nine durable jigsaw pieces, stored in a sturdy pocket, are slotted together to form a beautifully illustrated display of objects and animals from A to Z.

Alphabet Bingo (Make Believe Play)
Make Believe Ideas

$10.99 $5.79

Be the first to complete a nine-box board in Alphabet bingo, and learn your ABC's at the same time!This classic bingo game reinforces and helps to teach little ones their ABC's by associating words and pictures with the letters of the alphabet.Players take a board each and take turns spinning the...

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