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6 Ways to Create an Instagrammable Space with Books

October 18, 2019

When reading biographies, children books, cooking or even history books, the avid reader faces two very different but equally difficult situations as they turn the final page of a great book:

    • The first is that the story is over; the vividly developed characters and the inspiring journey will soon begin to fade from memory.
    • The second is what to do with the book now that its primary purpose has been fulfilled?

Do you throw your bestsellers on a bookshelf, where they will remain forgotten for the next ten years? Do you give them away? Throw them out? Turns out there’s another more creative, aesthetically pleasing way to deal with your gently used tomes: incorporating them into your home decor.

If you’re feeling a bit dubious, by all means read on; we at Book Outlet pulled together a list of some pretty exciting ways to spruce up your living space using your book collection.

Book Covers Are Pieces of Art

In spite of the timeless adage, most readers actually do judge a book by its cover. Some of the world’s more prominent online book reviewers will often pass on a book whose cover is seemingly nothing more than a stock image framed in an uninspired font. They do this because it diminishes the book’s value; if the author gave little to no thought to formulating a lasting first impression with the reader (via the cover art), what else might they have cut corners on?

For that reason, many authors strive to make their cover art stand out, often retaining the services of professional photographers and artists to help their books emerge from a veritable ocean of other titles. And while this effort undoubtedly contributes to greater sales, these books are also often used in photographs as a way to create or enhance a living space (for proof, simply log on to your favorite social media outlet and search the hashtag, #bookstagram).

Why not try something similar with your own book collection?


6 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Books

Use Your Window Sills

One of the best ways to enhance your room’s view starts with making use of your home’s built-in bookshelves—the window sills. The great thing about using window sills is that they can accommodate many books of varying sizes; you can line your books in a row or leave in a stack. Either way, a book-lined sill screams chic!

Living room with books along window sill


Repurpose Baskets or Wooden Crates

Upcycling is all the rage in home decor—so why not look through your basement or garage for some wire baskets or crates that can be mounted to the wall for a one-of-a-kind book storage solution? Not only will you benefit from adding a rustic element to your home, but you’ll also be finding a new use for something that was previously just taking up space.

Bed with hanging bookshelves above with side table.


Make Use of the Space Located Beneath Your Furniture

Some couches and beds sit quite high off the ground, leaving you with the perfect place to stack some of your favorite reads. Not only will they help fill the empty space with a creative aesthetic, but they’ll also be close at hand if you ever find yourself in need of some interesting reading material while lounging.

Bed with lights behind it and books to store underneath.


Stack Them Right There on the Floor

Okay, you don’t want to stack them just anywhere, but why not consider stacking them beneath your bedroom window? Repeated stacks of books create an interesting focal point, along with a surface that is typically devoid of any stylistic elements.

Office with a stack of books on the floor with plant on top.


Hall or Console Table

Many people use their hall or console tables as the de facto place to throw their keys and mail. Homeowners take note: keys and mail do nothing for impressing guests as they walk through your door. Using a couple of sharp bookends to prop up some of the classics will tell your visitors you’ve got ample taste.

Live edge hanging wooden bookshelf with books and art on it.


If You’re Using a Bookcase, Think Outside the Box

Even a traditional bookcase can be used in creative ways to aesthetically display your books. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our Vlogger Friend BooksandLala who organizes her space by using the colors of her books.

White bookshelves with orange books on top and pink books on bottom.


The point of all this is you don’t need to feel compelled to a) get rid of your books immediately after you’re done reading them; or b) store them in the same old way. Books are capable of taking you on a journey filled with imagination and whimsy. By finding a neat new way to display them in your home, you can enjoy them long after the story has ended.


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