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Fun Ways to Select Your Next Read

February 28, 2020

Not sure what book to read next? Too many books on your TBR to choose from? We know the feeling! But fret not, we’re here to help. We’ve come up with some fun ways to select your next read that are sure to help you out of a bind!



Next Read Monopoly Board Game. webebook_n / Instagram

Our first recommendation was inspired by our Vlogger Friend Jacqueline. Prepare for some fun with a Monopoly-style board that has been adapted with a book-themed twist. The perfect thing is, Bookopoly can be completely unique and customizable to reflect each of you wonderful bookworms and your TBR! Simply change each board space to reflect things such as categories, specific titles, “readers choice,” book recommendations, or whatever else you would like to include to make it your own. What’s even better is that, much like the real game of Monopoly, you can include a mystery title where you would select a card to reveal your next read. Who’s ready to give it a try? Simply roll the dice and see what you’ll be reading next!


Mason Jar with Notes Coming Outfleurishofmagic / Instagram

Just like pulling a name out of a hat, only with your favorite decorated mason jar and your TBR list! Put some titles in a jar and blindly pick your next book! But, don’t feel like you’re stuck with this idea; get fun and creative with it because after everything is said and done, all you’re left with is your next read. No peeking!

The Masked Reader

Book poking out of bookshelves.booksandlala / Instagram

We have to admit that this next option might sound – sort of – bizarre, but trust us when we say it’ll make choosing a book easier and fun. All you have to do is cover your eyes, walk toward your bookshelf (safely please!) and touch a book on your shelf. Et voila, you’re all set! Whatever your hand touches then becomes your next read! Don’t want to read something you have read before? Easy! Simply move these out of the way to eliminate your chances of picking them. Now cover your eyes and let’s see what you pick!

Alphabet Game

Photo of ring on open book.bookoutlet / Instagram

This recommendation may be more of a challenge depending on your shelves, but we think you’ll be up for it. Using your most recently read book, open the cover to reveal the beautiful words within. Now stop. What’s the word that catches your eye first? Whatever it is, you must now find a book on your shelf containing that word. Can’t find one? No problem! Repeat the process until you have yourself a clear winner. What a fun way to select your next read!

Number Generator

Open book with succulent on it.bookoutlet / Instagram

Now for a TBR challenge we’ve seen many booktubers doing, notably our Vlogger Friend Holly. Starting with the number of bookshelves you have, use a number generator to narrow your search down to a particular shelf.  Then, run the generator again with the number of books on that shelf. This will narrow down the specific book you should read next! Got a book you’ve read before? That just means you get to pick again (unless you want to read that one, of course). Have fun with this and make your own rules as you go along. This is your TBR after all – you can do what you want!

Follow the Leader

Photo of woman holding book.haileyinbookland / Instagram

Many of us readers build our TBR based on the recommendations and reviews we see online. So why not use them to select your next read? You follow Bookstagrammers and Booktubers for a reason! Check out their latest videos or posts to see what your fellow book lovers are reading and follow suit. Plus, once you’re finished, join in the conversation and share what you thought of the book. You never know, your review may just push the next reader in the right direction as well. If you need some booktuber-inspired reading recommendations, check out what our Vlogger Friends are reading here!

Ask for a Book Rec

Question mark made up of books.Shutterstock

A great way to pick your next read is to ask for a book recommendation. Ask people around you: friends, family, or even neighbors! You never know, they may recommend something so good it becomes your new favorite read. Or what about taking it to social? Ask your followers, or even other bookstagrammers or booktubers what they recommend and pick the read that catches your eye or has the most votes. Book community to the rescue!

Treat Your Shelf

Hand holding book in front of shelves.bookoutlet / Instagram

When all else fails, make way for new bookshelf additions. Take to the library, your local bookstore, or even your favorite online bookstore (we hear Book Outlet is pretty great…) and treat yourself to something new. After all, you deserve it and we all love a good book haul. Your shelves will thank you, too!


Now you’ve learned some fun ways to select your next read! We hope you’ve been inspired to put one (or more) of these creative ideas to the test when the time comes to tackle your TBR pile.


Happy reading!

Myranda from Book Outlet


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