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The Most Anticipated Reads Hitting Our Shelves

February 5, 2020

To celebrate the new year, we wanted to share some Book Outlet insider knowledge to help you prepare your 2020 TBR list! We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the most anticipated reads hitting our shelves now through to June. It’s time to get your wish list ready, because we’ve got great books coming to the site, from fiction and nonfiction to cookbooks, and more!


Available as of January 2020

Mary B: A Novel by Katherine J. Chen

Binding: Hardcover & Paperback

Mary B Book Cover

List Price: $27.00 USD

Our Price: $7.35 USD

Looking for a fresh perspective on Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride & Prejudice? Then look no further than Katherine Chen’s debut Mary B: A novel. Chen’s book brings Mary Bennett, a timid and overlooked character in Jane Austen’s 1813 original, to life! She not only gives Mary her own storyline and journey but more importantly, a voice that readers will find highly relatable.

While Pride & Prejudice has been reimagined and rewritten for several books and movies, Mary B: A novel is a must-read for fans of the original who appreciate a twist, or for those who might be interested in Mary’s story of independence, scandal, and passion. Click here to browse this read on the site.


Coming February 2020

Feminism Is… by DK Publishing

Binding: Softcover

Feminism Is... Book Cover

List Price: $12.99 USD

Our Price: $5.49 USD

Feminism is… will take you on an insightful journey to understanding the broad scope of the feminist movement. The book is written by multiple contributors and is broken up into five sections: A Political and Social Movement; Body and Identity; Relationships and Families; Education and Work; and Culture and Society. The illustrations and creative layout make the book a suitable read for a younger audience, but it also addresses contemporary questions and provides a thorough history that makes it an accessible and valuable resource.

We are especially happy to provide our readers with the chance to add such an informative, thought-provoking and timely book to their shelves.


Coming March 2020

Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff

Binding: Hardcover

Darkdawn Book Cover - Sold Out.

List Price: $28.99 USD

Our Price: $8.69 USD

Darkdawn is the third book in Jay Kristoff’s internationally celebrated series The Nevernight Chronicle. In this installment, readers follow the perilous life of Mia Corvere, a fantastical assassin, on the run from her past. The mystery of Mia’s life is finally unveiled as she journeys through the vastness of the Republic. Darkdawn provides a bold conclusion to Kristoff’s epic trilogy that will appeal to both new readers as well as long-time fans of the first two novels. This book is now sold out. Please add it to your wish list to be notified if it comes back in stock.


Coming April 2020

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Binding: Hardcover

Ninth House Book Cover - Sold Out.

List Price: $27.99 USD

Our Price: $8.69 USD 

The chilling style of Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House will not only be familiar to readers from her usual YA fan base but will also appeal to new readers as well (hint: Stephen King fans!). Ninth House is set in New Haven, Connecticut on the campus of Yale University. Galaxy “Alex” Stern is a freshmen student on campus, but there is more to Stern than meets the wicked eye. In this novel, Stern is not only a student but has been recruited by a mysterious benefactor to attend Yale and spy on the enigmatic and unsettling secret societies on campus, whose occult activities are revealed to be more sinister and more extraordinary than any paranoid imagination might conceive. *Note: We will only have 80 copies available upon release. This book is now sold out. Please add it to your wish list to be notified if it comes back in stock.


Coming April 2020

Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Binding: Hardcover

Aurora Rising Book Cover - Sold Out.

List Price: $18.99 USD

Our Price: $7.35 USD

Fans of Jay Kristoff’s The Nevernight Chronicle trilogy will be thrilled to read Aurora Rising, book one of the Aurora Cycle! In Aurora Rising, Kristoff pairs up with Amie Kaufman, bestselling co-author of The Illuminae Files. Together Kristoff and Kaufman have written a quirky and fun fantasy read filled to the brim with both hope and misfits. If you have a book hangover, we think this is the perfect YA read to get you over it! This book is now sold out. Please add it to your wish list to be notified if it comes back in stock.


Coming June 2020

The Mindful Glow Cookbook by Abbey Sharp

Binding: Hardcover

Mindful Glow Book Cover

List Price: $26.00 USD

Our Price: $9.79 USD

While Abbey Sharp is a hilarious presence in her cookbook, she radiates compassion in her book’s introduction with some sage advice: there is no one diet for everyone. Packed with a myriad of recipes and gorgeous photos, this book is a celebration of what she calls “mindful eating,” which serves to remind readers to enjoy different foods and flavors without regret. Sharp’s cookbook radiates body positivity and encourages readers (and eaters!) to listen to their bodies and to sit down with friends and family to enjoy delicious eats!


There it is folks! We hope you’ve had your wish list handy – there are so many highly anticipated reads hitting our shelves within the next 6 months and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them. Feel welcome to let us know which book you’re most excited about. We’ll be back with more anticipated reads soon!


Happy reading!

Vanessa from Book Outlet


Note: We recommend you add these anticipated reads to your wish list so you’ll be notified the day they come in stock! To do this, go to your wish list and search the titles you’re interested in using the wish list specific search bar, then simply choose which book you want to add to which wish list! Make sure you also checkmark that you want to be notified by email when a book becomes available. In addition, inventory availability and pricing are subject to change without notice as per Book Outlet’s Pricing and Inventory policy.


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